1 Per Page/Sheet 10 Sheets (10 TRANSPARENT Sticky Labels) Label Planet® CLEAR POLYESTER Self-Adhesive Blank A4 Gloss WATERPROOF Printable Address Shipping Mail Stickers, For Laser Printer, 210 x 297 MM UK LP1/210 GTP, Multi-Use/Purpose

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Gloss Transparent Polyester (Laser Waterproof)

These labels are ideal for creating a professional look, as any text or images printed onto them appears as though it has been printed directly onto the surface below.
The gloss material also gives the labels a quality finish and allows the labels to be wiped clean if required.
This product also works as a transparent “white board”; the ink used in dry white board marker pens sits on top of the material, meaning you can write onto the labels and wipe them clean again in an instant.
Our “clear” labels are not completely transparent and are noticeable when applied to glass, but when they are applied to a solid white or coloured surface the labels look almost completely clear.
Be aware of air bubbles when applying labels to glass.

As these labels are made of polyester and have a waterproof adhesive, the labels themselves are waterproof, however, the ink from inkjet printing is not waterproof.
We suggest laser printing on products that are likely to get wet and suggest our gloss clear polyester laser labels (product code GTP)

  • Before using any self-adhesive sheets through any printer, read the printer manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never feed sheets through twice or use when a label has been removed.
  • Always gently fan the sheets to remove static.

Because of the wide range of printers and technologies in use, the use of this product is outside of our control.
Therefore, these products are sold on the clear understanding that the user has independently checked the product for its suitability for the final purpose of use and for the printing system used.
No warrantee is implied or given.Will not jam your laser printer
Clear/transparent polyester material
210mm by 297mm Labels
Created in and dispatched from the UK

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