1PZ Round Rubber 2 GT Timing Belt 2 mm Pitch 200 mm-1350 mm for Pulley 3d Printer CNC (852 mm)

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A strap of distribution is a mechanical transmission, non-slip strap. This synchronous belt strap is designed for 3d printers. is made like a belt Flexible
With the internal molded teeth on its surface. Works on matching tooth
Pulleys or gear wheels, made from rubber and perfect for 3d printers.
Made from rubber material, very flexible.
The strap has a circular step of 2 mm and
6 mm/6.5 mm width.
Excellent, good quality and durable process.
Low noise, high wear resistance.
For the transmission of small precision machines, such as intelligent 3d printers, plotters, etc.
Technical Specifications:
Type: 2 GT
Material: Rubber
Step: 2 mm/0.07 circular
Width of the strap: 6 mm/0.23  “(the belt 610 mm is 6.5 mm wide)
Length: 200 mm/7.87  “, 280 mm/11.02 “, 400 mm/15.74  “, 610 mm/24.01 “, 852 mm/33.54  “, 1350 mm/53.15 ” (Optional)
Package includes:
1 x Toothed Belt
1, Please allow 1 – 3 mm error due to manual measurement. Thank you for your understanding.
2, the width of the belt 610 mm is 6.5 mm, and the other is 6 mm.
Flexible – Made of rubber, very flexible.
Design for: the strap is circumference of 2 mm and 6 mm/6.5 mm in width.
Durable lifting: Excellent processing, strong abrasion resistance and has a long service.
Great quality: this distribution belt has a high-quality, low noise, high wear resistance.
Multifunctional: for the transmission of small precision machines, such as 3d printers, intelligent plotter etc.