Benss PIN Code Free Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10 Hello Laptop/PC/Desktop with 360 Degree Fingerprint Recoginition with WQHL Certified (No Driver Needed)

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Operation step guide site:

Driver Free Finger reader
360 Degree Recognition
Instant match within 0.1 Second
Multi fingers for 10 Fingerprint ID

Certified by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab(WHQL)

Main Steps
Start from “Settings” => “Accounts”
“Sign-in Options”, Fingerprint “Setup”
Input PIN code first
Enroll and Register your fingerprint, and then finished

Support OS: Windows 10 Hello
Size: 15 x 7 x 18mm, standard size that similar to the USB flash drive
Weight: 5g

Package includes:
1*USB Fingerprint Reader
1*Operation Guide

Try to touch your finger by different area
If it fails fingerprint recognitioin more than 3 times, it needs PIN code to login in

For the detailed guide, please go to the site on the 1st paragraph
No need to download any driver file to make it work.
Only 0.1 second recognition time when recognizing your fingerprint.
Support files and data encryption, keep them safe especially in pulic places.
Built-in Smart Learning algorithm, make your fingerprint matching faster and faster.
Support up to 10 fingerprint ID,convenient for family laptop use in common.

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