DIGITNOW!22MP Film &Slide Photo Multi-function Scanner, Convert 135 Film/35mmSlide /110Film/Photo/Document/Business card to HD 22MP Digital JPG Files,Includes 8GB Memory Card!

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The Fast & Easy way to scan your photos, slides & negatives to High Quality Digital Photos ,no computer or drivers required ….it’s portable enough to use anywhere!
Do you have a stack of family photo albums or a box of old slides and negatives? Convert your photos to digital format to preserve them and pass them on to your friends and family!
With the DIGITNOW! QuickConvert, it’s easier than ever to turn your photos into digital pictures. The QuickConvert doesn’t require a computer, which means that it’s quick to set up, easy to use, and extremely portable. You can have the converter set up and ready to start digitizing your photos, slides, and negatives in just minutes.
The QuickConvert’s 2.4″ screen allows you to preview each photo before you convert it.
Conversion is extremely fast: just load your photo, slide, or negative, and hit the conversion buttons. In just 2-3 seconds, your photo will be saved in digital format onto the included memory card!
The converter works with 3×5, 4×6, and 5×7 photos, as well as 35mm slides and negatives. The converter digitizes your photos, slides, and negatives at a high-quality resolution of 20 megapixels (interpolated).
The DIGITNOW!QuickConvert comes with an 8 GB memory card (which can hold over 2,000 photos). PhotoPad Pro image editing software is also included, which can be used to edit, retouch, resize, and crop your photos, as well as to make beautiful collages of your photos.
What’s In The Box:
1.film &photo scanner
2.135 positive slide holder
3.135 negative film holder
4.110film holder
5.Photo and name card holders
6.Usb cable
8.Cleaning cloth
9.Cleaning brush
10.8GB SD Card
Its easy to store your scan work images into the unit with the internal 128MB memory .Now Includes Free 8GB Memory Card! | Convert Photos and Film to Digital JPG Files
Converts 110, 135 (35mm) colour / monochrome negatives and mounted slides to digital at the touch of a button
Ideal for safeguarding images from weddings, holidays and treasured family moments
Provides super sharp high resolution images Includes OCR software to organise your namecards
Each negative or slide takes under a second to scan and download into a digital file to print, copy to CD or store

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