Epson Cheetah T0715 DuraBrite Ultra Ink Easy Mail Cartridges, Pack of 4, Genuine

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Epson T0715 DURABRITE ULTRA INK EASY MAIL C13 T07154510Consumables Ink and also Toner Cartridges 1 x cyan T0712, 1 x magenta T0713, 1 x yellow T0714 and also 1 x black T0711
Printing innovation: Ink- jet
Printing colour: black, yellow, magenta, cyan
Cartridge attributes: DURABrite Ultra Ink Cartridges
NewRecyclable Packaging
Models work with several products in this array of ink/pape epson stylus pen sx610 fw, sx600 fw, sx515 w, sx510 w, sx415, sx410, sx405, sx400, sx218, sx215, sx210, sx205, sx200, sx115, sx110, sx105, sx100, s21, s20, workplace bx610 fw, workplace bx600 fw, workplace bx310 fn, workplace bx300 f, workplace b40 w, dx9400 f, dx8450, dx8400, dx7450, dx7400, dx4450, dx4400 and also d120