OfficeTree® 50 sheets high quality overhead film – A4 transparent – laser printers photocopiers OHP – for optimal printing and projection quality

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Professional work

With OfficeTree quality transparencies for overhead projectors your presentations will always look professional.

Create your work on the computer then print it out double-sided using a laser printer without any running or smudging; both text and pictures will appear crisp and clear.

The transparency lies flat on the relevant projector surface ensuring the content is rendered perfectly.


The special transparent film can be used in many different areas.

At school or university, for presentations or lectures, if you project brilliant printouts or manual inscriptions or drawings you will always make a great impression.

Ideal format, ideal protection

The OfficeTree projector transparencies are the ideal size. Pre-cut to 210×297 mm, they correspond to the classic A4 format and are ready to use in standard laser printers and photocopiers with single sheet feeds. The transparencies are also quick drying.

Each sheet is protected against scratches and marks using interleaving papers and is securely stored in a robust, resealable box.

Additional information

50 sheets overhead transparencies with interleaving paper

Colour: transparent

Dimensions: DIN A4, 210x 297 mm


Please keep out of the reach of children!

When using in a laser printer, it is essential to remove the interleaving paper first!

Only insert via the single sheet feed on the laser printer/copier!

Not suitable for inkjet printers!

Suitable for batch processing, solvent-free!

Please let the OfficeTree overhead transparency dry thoroughly after printing!

Now get your order ready!

PRECISION WORK – OfficeTree 50 x double-sided printable transparencies for overhead projectors, pre-cut to 210 x 297 mm
IMPRESSIVE – high quality printing results with perfect colour reproduction, for laser printers and photocopiers with single sheet feed
VERSATILE – finest print quality for photographs, drawings and text, also suitable for marker pens
CLEAR VIEW – crystal clear synthetic material for maximum transparency and razor sharp resolution
WELL PROTECTED – robust, resealable packaging, interleaving paper to protect the individual sheets, ideal for school or work

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