Panda Carbon Stickers Logo Emblem Badge Sticker Kit Fiat Nuova Panda (2012 Before The) 4 x 4 Point Evo MyLife Resin-Coated Street Front + Rear 3d Effect 3 M Sticker Bonnet Trunk

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* * * ATTENTION * * * Check the sizes before buying that year and inch model change. The kit includes a 66 x 71 mm + Sticker 1 Sticker 60 x 65 mm. For measuring just the height within the chrome of the logo. The stickers are made to measure and it is possible deformarli of a few mm during application to your liking. The kit includes 2 stickers one front + rear. Printed on glossy PVC paper with Roland Plotter on colour pigments in Hexachrome (6 Colours) and clear resin hand crafted with 2-component resin (resin + hardener) 3d effect weatherproof (water resistant 7 years from light dust etc..). Drying resin in ovens of heat to eliminate bubbles and impurita ‘. Quality 3 M Adhesive * * * Assembly instructions * * * There are 2 methods 1 method if the plastic plate and is still attached, clean the plastic plate and apply directly to the above by checking before the right height 2 method in the event there is stickers and ‘off the plastic plate, put the mastic or hot glue, put above the slide in plastic and then the above apply our sticker. This is recommended for not risk of losing both the plastic plate that the sticker above.1 Sticker: 66 X 71 MM
1 Sticker 60 x 65 mm
For Panda before 2012
Is also good for Punto Evo Check internal height of logos (measures logo Chrome) before purchase
Resin-coated 3d effect carpet tape by 3 M

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