PGI-550/CLI-551 Edible ink refillable cartridge kit consisting of, a set of 5 empty refillable edible ink cartridges and 500ml of edible ink for use on Canon printer models IP7250, MG5450, MG5550

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Kopyform Edible ink refillable cartridge kit consisting of, a set of 5 edible ink, empty refillable cartridges and 500 ml of edible ink for use in cake decoration. The ink supplied in this kit is 200ml Black, 100ml Cyan, 100ml Magenta & 100 ml Yellow. These refillable cartridges are installed into a Canon printer and are used to print onto fondant papers and rice paper products as used in cake decorating. The cartridges are designed to be re-filled over and over with edible ink products and the chip is and auto reset chip. For health reasons. We would not recommend that edible ink cartridges are used in printers that have previously been used with standard printing ink.Kopform Edible Ink Refillable Cartridges & Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow edible ink
Used with Canon IP7250, MG5450, MG5550
500ml food approved edible ink, set of 5 refillable cartridges and packaging
CleanPrint Refillable Edible Ink Cartridges with Auto Reset Chip
Used with edible ink for printing on fondant or rice papers for cake decoration

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