Signstek 3PCS 3D Printer Bed Surface for 3D Printer Platform, 220mm x 220mm x 0.5mm (Black)

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Product Features:
1. Print with out bending.
2. Peel off from the platform simply.
3. Peel off from the platform cleanly.

Product specification:
Size: 220mm x 220mm x 0.5mm
Corresponding Resin: ABS / PLA

Package consists of:
3 x 3D Printer Platform floor
It sticks to the 3D printer platforms and improves the molding accuracy of the filament.
Build sheet adheres to a print mattress to assist the filament stick throughout printing and print with out warping.
After printing, peel off the mannequin simply, and the sheet itself additionally devises the adhesive materials, so you may peel it cleanly from the platform.
It might print for a number of instances even in the identical place. Since the sheet might be peeled cleanly from the platform, simple to upkeep and clear up
Size: 220mm x 220mm; Compatible Resin: ABS / PLA