BMW 50 mm Tuning 3d Effect 3 M Lathes Hub Cap BMW 1 3 5 7 Series X1 X3 X4 X5 X6 X7 Z3 Z4 M3 M4 Studs Cap Stickers Stickers for Alloy Rims X 4 Pieces

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The kit includes 4 Stickers. Printed on glossy PVC paper with Roland Plotter on colour pigments in Hexachrome (6 Colours) and clear resin hand crafted with 2-component resin (resin + hardener) 3d effect weatherproof (water resistant 7 years from light dust etc..). Drying resin in ovens of heat to eliminate bubbles and impurita ‘. Quality 3 M AdhesiveBMW hub caps
BMW studs
BMW alloy rims

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